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Simon, Taryn.
Taryn Simon. An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar. (signed)
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 Art.Nr.: BF10153

Neuauflage des 2007 bei Steidl erschienen Titels. (Siehe dazu auch: Parr/The Photobook/Vol. III/Seite 142). Foreword by Salman Rushdie, Texts by Ronald Dworkin, Tina Kukielski, Elisabeth Sussman, graphic design by Joseph Logan, Taryn Simon. Taryn Simon "reveals what lies concealed beneath the surface of America's mythology and daily functioning. After conducting painstaking negotiations, she uses her large-format camera to capture what is usually only reserved for the initiated: containers of radioactive nuclear waste, the CIA's art collection, the outdoor facility of a body farm, or the inside of a hibernating bear's cave. The artist annotates each of her almost sixty pictures with descriptive texts highlighting the complexities of both her subjects and the relationship between text and image". (Publisher) - Von Taryn Simon auf dem Vorsatz handschriftlich signiert.

Gebunden, Leineneinband. 152 Seiten mit 73 Farbfotoabbildungen. Format Format 26 x 34 cm. Untere rechte Ecken mit minimaler Bestoßung. Sonst sehr gutes Exemplar.

Ostfildern. Hatje Cantz. 2013.